The Northwest Company Custom Solutions
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Please provide artwork or images in one of the following formats: Photoshop, Illustrator, TIFF or EPS. Raster (pixel-based) artwork must measure no less than 846 x 616 pixels. Camera-ready art must be clean.

Art/Screen/Set-Up Charges
Set up is $100.00 (P). Orders for items which art had been previously set up will not incur set-up charges.

Camera Ready Artwork
All camera ready artwork must be clean, sharp, at least 300 dpi and in need of no additional preparation, redraw or touching up. Artwork from a fax or letterhead will not be accepted.

Spec Samples
Samples made from a custom design $100.00. If an order is placed with existing design as the spec sample, there will be no charge for the spec sample.

We want you to be successful. Your chances of selling a customized blanket increase dramatically when you show your client a sample. We offer random samples for $18.50. This includes ground shipping. When placing an order, please indicate on your purchase order (PO) that you would like one free blanket in exchange for your sample purchase. You will receive a free blanket as a credit for your sample purchase. Samples must be paid for with a credit card. For your convenience, download our user-friendly sample request form.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing. Click the button to download Acrobat Reader.